Product Feature: Winter lighting

Product Feature: Winter lighting

Product Feature: Winter lighting

The clocks have gone back and it well and truly feels like the depths of winter already, dark mornings and darker nights. At this time it is more important than ever to have the perfect range of lighting in your home.

Different rooms require different types of lighting, for instance the Kitchen requires the most functional lighting, helping shed some light on your food preparation. Think of using a long strip light such as the industrial piece pictured below or think repition, by using more than one pendant light in a row above a kitchen island or breakfast bar.




In a living room, the hub of the house, as used for a number of different functions the ability to create atmosphere is important. A place to socialise and entertain, or to relax with the latest boxset and have the occasional afternoon nap you can see how ambient mood lighting is necessary here. 

Chandeliers, ceiling and pendant lights are a striking addition to any living room, providing an illuminating glow to the space, also great to wire in with a dimmer switch enabling you to adjust the feel of the room instantly. 



Floor lamps also work very well as a main source of lighting in a lounge area and where you have limited table space for a table lamp. One of the best things about floor lamps is their portability, abling you to refresh your room layout easily from time to time if you wish.



Table lamps are a lovely little addition to your lighting arsenal, they work well to illuminate forgotten corners of the room, or can create somewhat of a feature if you pair two matching lamps in a symmetrical position, this creates a very sophisticated feel to the room. Spotlight style table lamps also make great task lighting helping you when reading or working.



Equipping your home with a combination of these lighting styles will help to create a warm homely atmosphere and help see you through this gloomy winter we have ahead of us. Take a look at some of our editors picks below and shop now.



1. Rita Pendant Light

2. Polly Pendant Light

3. Ruben Table Lamp

4. Wren Table Lamp

5. Tribeca Floor Lamp




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