Meet The Makers: Our Sources

Meet The Makers: Our Sources

Meet The Makers: Our Sources

Our team have worked very hard over the past 15 years to develop strong relations with suppliers world-wide in ensuring our product quality is second to none. We are firm believers in delivering ethically sourced, beautiful eye catching pieces, it is for this reason we wish to share our sources and introduce the makers of every single hand picked product we sell today to give them the recognition they deserve.


Our company buyers work very closely with specialist manufacturers from all over the globe from Europe to the far East, where production methods span from the likes of precision German engineering on a mass scale where factories can churn out hundreds of products a day to slightly more primitive, traditional methods in the far east where things are more bespoke and no two products are the same. Alongside this we also have a range of products made right here in the UK, both from well established brands and bespoke products that we manufacture ourselves that are made to order. You will learn over time that many different materials and processes are used in the manufacturing of our product offering, from artisan woodworking to intricate metal fabrication and top seamstressing in the production of our soft furnishings, but one thing is consistant throughout and that is quality.



We try very hard to ensure product quality is not compromised with the cost cutting measures which impact our economies yearly. Raw materials, labour and transportation are often areas most affected impacting the final price we pay today. The experience our team collectively have and the buying power of our chief negotiators ensure we are always ahead of our peers when it comes to price. Our focus is you the customer, we strive to deliver best business practice and value for money day in day out whilst ensuring our stock remains of the highest quality acheivable.    


Our brand is a growing organisation and as we establish key relations year on year with new makers we will keep you all updated, which we feel is important for you to know about your products journey and where they have originated from. We will be profiling each maker in more a more detailed blog post in due course as part of our featured articles, so keep an eye on this journal for further information.





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