Meet The Maker: Maja Möbel

Meet The Maker: Maja Möbel

Meet The Maker: Maja Möbel

 Maja Möbel are one of our premier brand partners and we have been working closely with them for 8 years now. The company Maja was founded in 1964 and has specialised in the manufacturing of do-it-yourself assembly furniture. In cooperation with designers, they design pieces of furniture with innovative hardware technologies that can be perfectly combined in a modular manner. 



In addition to pre-assembled models from the standard product range, they also develop exclusive more bespoke products in close co-operation with customers in smaller quantities, as well as individual high-volume series products. The company and factory are based in Germany and currently employ a workforce of 660 people and manufacture approximately four million pieces of furniture per year.



Maja's products fulfill the demand towards a contemporary design that offers a flexible and systematic modular functionality. The technologies incorporated for the manufacturing of their products are state-of-the-art. Through a process of continuous improvement we are able to achieve a reliable product quality with high quality and functional standards.




Whilst they are producing products on such a large scale they are actively contributing to the reduction of environmental burdens such as energy consumption, emissions, waste water and waste. Through the utilization of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing processes and materials.


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